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LC Panels: Up to 49.25"x73.25" ($129) Describe sizes/colors below

LC Supersized Panels Up to 4'x10' ($209) Describe sizes/colors below

LC Acrylic panels ($289+) Describe panel/acrylic sizes below

LC "Special Pattern" Panels ($135+) Describe sizes/colors/pattern below

E-Panels (vertical oriented, up to 6'H x 4'W) $219 (prewire add $47)

Supersized E-Panels $249 (prewire add $47) Describe size/colors below

LC Smooth Surface Specify surface/color/pattern preferences below.

LC Armored Panels Size needed: tall x wide

Series protection level for LC Armored Panels (300 is standard)

Armored Cores 4'x8' Series , 3'x8' Series


Generally two per connection, one on top and another at the bottom


Angles Straights
Legs Straight Legs
T-Connectors (upper) T-Connectors (lower)
Wall Connectors (wide) Adjustable Legs
Wall Connectors (Narrow) Wall Connector (Narrow)
Star Connectors (4-way) Stacker Stars (vertical 4-way)
High-Low straights High-Low angles
Power Pole Star (4-way)

Power Pole (specify length below)

Custom Connectors (Please describe in the comments box below)

LC Trucks $73 (set)

Door with Frame ($375, for 36") (Specify additional needs below)

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We will email a quote to you including the shipping costs if you fill out the form below and press "submit". We also normally provide some 3D drawings showing your proposed layout. Please email or fax a rough sketch if possible. It helps us to understand the proposed layout much better.

Note: Normally, full payment is required prior to shipment of any products. Quotes are free! We do custom fabrication. If you need anything special, just let us know, we may be able to help..

Freight Damage: It sometimes happens. If you recorded the damage on the delivery receipt, at the time of delivery, fax a copy of that receipt to us and we will provide replacement products and file a damage claim with the carrier.

If you didn't record the damage on the delivery receipt, at the time of delivery, then you may have to file a claim with the freight company, and we can provide replacement products if pre-paid.

Moral: Always note any damage at the time of delivery. Make sure your receiving department personel know how to propery receive a shipment, and respond to damaged shipments on the Billof Lading (BOL), and contact us for help. Do not let any truck driver talk you into anything less than a full acknowledgement of the damage. And make sure the damage is written on the delivery receipt, in full view of that driver. The driver needs to sign next to your signature. Doing this right will save alot of headaches later

Refunds are available for popular sized panels such as 48"x72", panels as long as product is returned in original good condition within 30 days of being received. Custom or unusual sizes, and Supersize panel sales are usually final. We do not cover or refund shipping charges. If your order is cancelled prior to shipment, there will be a 50% restocking fee. Manufacturing panels takes labor and raw materials and is expensive for us. Please be certain and committed prior to ordering.

Always include your email address, as this mailform will not automatically know what it is.

Lead times are usually 4-14 days. Very large orders could take longer. Order early for time sensitive deliveries.

Product is too large for FedEx or UPS. Orders are shipped by truck.

Delivery trucks will generally deliver to your location, however, inside or upstairs deliveries will cost more. If you need an inside or upstairs delivery, please specify in the comments section to the right, so that we can corretly quote your order with this additional feature.

LC Armored Panels are manufactured when ordered. Please allow at least a week or two for shipment.

If you would like to order just the bullet resistant fiberglass cores; We can supply them at sizes up to 4'X9' and protection levels up to "6". Please submit your request and we will fax you our quote.

For Government buyers, we are registered with the Central Contractors Registration (CCR)

If you need it shipped fast; We can use a "fast" transport company, but they charge more. Specify your needs in the "comments" area.

Leasing is available through various leasing agents. Let us know if you are interested, and we will have an agent contact you.

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