Some simple layouts are shown at the right.

Basically, any connection you wish to make can be made. Usually, floor to ceiling panels are easy for us. We can even make panels that are open at the top for ventilation, add windows for light, etc.

You name your sizes, we'll make your panels
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The following illustrations show some typical orders that LC Enterprises has designed in 3D and then built for our customers. This should give some idea of how versatile LC panels can be.
Combination of fabric panels and acrylic panels, in a "stacked" configuration. LC panels can be stacked. The panel sections (combinations) were 6' tall and 6' wide
Some office partition layouts currently in use
Simple design making two lockable rooms from one large area. This system was 10' tall
This is a rear view of 10' tall offices, with a 20' tall display area, and a 90 lb. projection screen hanging from the top. One of our larger projects for a company called Digital Juice. On the right is a photo (front view) of the finished trade show display from Las Vegas, NV. Incredible shot.
Two small office rooms created from one larger existing room. Complete with lockable doors
This is 4 "stacked" panels, with upper velcro compatible surfaces, at a 108° angle. For display purposes. It had to fit between a wall and a pole.
This design was meant to allow some privacy, while also allowng light to enter. The small acrylic panel was meant to fit into an existing widow sill built into the existing back wall.
This was a design to enclose an office with a 36" wide door. Lots of light with these clear acrylic panels.
Custom laminate panels and matching countertop, complete with acrylic teller windows and transaction trays.
These cubicles were set up from multiple 4'x6' panels. Notice that the end of an LC panel can be connected to the face of another panel (instead of just end to end connections)
As illustrated here, we can position the acrylic window anywhere in the LC office panel.
This is a layout for a local company here in CA. Notice the "L" panels on the right side. These panels are 6' tall.
These are 6'x6'x6' booths, complete with a roof, all made from LC panels. There is a hinged panel in the back to allow entry. These were language interpretation booths.
Here is a design consisting of small panels meant to allow some privacy, on a desktop. LC panels can be made almost any size, and we have connectors for all sorts of applications. We built a very similar design for Google, for a new call center.
Simple "L" design with a laminate countertop

Lincoln artist Wendy Allen used LC panels to create a giant birthday card for president Lincoln to nationally celebrate his 200th birthday.

LC Office Partition Systems

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