Your personal PowerCraft can be custom designed to meet your needs.

We can add features such as:

• Drinking water production from thin air

• Solar oven

•Fresnel fire starter

• Wind turbines

• Storage enclosures

• Floating pontoon platforms

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Custom created to meet your specific needs
PowerCraft Solar Generator
Power your home or business with PowerCraft , or take it to remote locations for free reliable continuous power
Cost $30,000 for the above example of the PowerCraft mobile solar generator. The total panel rating is 4200 watts.
Free enegry from the sun
• No noise
• No pollution
• No maintenance
• No conventional fuels
• Free electricity, from the sun
240 VAC and 120 VAC are readily available from the onboard electrical outlets, for all sorts of electrical uses. We can custom create these products to your specific needs.

The PowerCraft from LC Enterprises, notable points:

• Weatherproof
• Completely mobile
• Can tie into your powergrid from your electrical service provider
• Solar panels can tilt to face the sun, a massive 300° of tilt rotation
• 4 point stand system, can tilt or level the trailer frame in any direction
• Axle rack uses a "quick-release" system for removal if needed
• Designed to be relatively light at 6000 lbs. Your pickup can pull it.
The above Powercraft design features 4200 watts of UL Listed solar panels, battery backup for night use and 12,000 watts of surge power capabilities provided by the grid tie inverter.

Note: many competitors are quoting "surge watts" which can be a big impressive number. This is what the inverter is capable of delivering, from the battery pack, for about 10-15 minutes (before the inverter fails). The "continuous watts" rating is more important. Always count the solar panels! This is where the continuous power comes from.

PowerCraft provides (20) 210 watt panels for good continuous power production. For competitors offering fewer solar panels, the continuous rating will be less.

$30,000 for the above shown PowerCraft

For more information and specifications, see our dedicated webste:


LC Enterprises
363 W 3rd St. Perris CA 92570
Business: 951 940 6068, Facsimile 951 657 0180

PowerCraft Mobile Solar Generator

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