LC Panel Trucks are strong, and lightweight. They weight only about 14 lbs set. These trucks are constructed with strong 1" X 2" rectangular steel tubing and 2" X 1/8" steel flatbar. All joints and intersection points are welded for strength. These trucks are designed to outlast your employees. Since 1998, we have not heard of a set of LC Truck failing in any way. They are strong.

LC Truck are also available in a "tilt adjustable" model. This help users to adjust the vertical orientation of each panel to accomodate an uneven floor.

LC mobile office panels
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2" diameter caster wheels will roll over most anything in an office without skidding. Easy to connect or disconnect. Easy to stack away, easily accepts any LC Panel. No tools necessary. These truck just snap into the bottom of any LC office panel.
These trucks simply snap into each lower corner of any LC panel, for instant mobility.
The design of the LC Truck allows for any size LC panel to fit it

LC Trucks will allow mulitple panels to be placed end to end, gap free. Bolt holes are provided for more permanent end to end connections.

LC Trucks are designed to stack right up against each other for efficient storage when not in use. Not a feature found in competitor offerings.
Angles up to 90°+ are no problem. The wheels do not touch each other. For competitors who place the wheels at the panel "ends", this is not possible. The wheels must be "inset".
LC Trucks allow you to place the panels, anywhere desired. Our standard connectors (straights, angles, T's) can be snapped into the tops to help hold the panels in semi-permanent positions.

LC office panel truck sets, Standard: $73 per set (2 pc) Adjustable for tilt: $88 per set

LC Mobile Partitions on Wheels